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    Bjørnar Posse Sandboe is a commited and energetic lighting cameraman, devoted to deliver high-end TV and film results.
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Just the short version

Like, really really short.

Who he is

Bjørnar is a 29-year old, Oslo-based lighting cameraman. He had his childhood just outside of town, soon achieving a BA in media production at Gjøvik University College and Bond University.


Bjørnar wrote his bachelor degree in springtime 2012, working on the first season of I Kveld Med Ylvis. Later he proceeded working as a cameraman on Luksusfellen, award-winning Mesternes Mester, Sinnasnekkern and Fjellflørt amongst others.

In the bigger picture

Bjørnar works hard to constantly improve his skills, to accomodate needs and ideas in a professional and passionate way - and to enrich any production with a creative mind and positive attitude. He goes to work to deliver nothing but awesome.


With 3 of his friends and collegues, Bjørnar owns and run a small and viral production company - Playgarden. Take a look!

Experience so far


  • BA in Media Production at Gjøvik University College / Bond University.
  • Cinematography & Lighting
  • TV Studio 1 & 2
  • Media Production for events
  • Digital video production
  • Quality ensurance in content production
  • Print Producion
  • Web Design
  • Web Publishing
  • Ergonomy of the digital media


Experience from various nation-wide productions for NRK, TV2, TV3 and TV Norge. Confident with reality, working dynamically in LET-teams or stationary in a studio deck.

  • Fjellflørt (S01)
  • Hvem Bryr Seg (S01, various episodes)
  • Sinnasnekkeren 2014
  • Luksusfellen (S07, S08, S09, S10)
  • Det Store Korslaget (Various episodes)
  • Mesternes Mester (S05), Winner of Gullruten Award for best reality
  • Det Sterkeste Kjønn (S01)
  • Adils Hemmelige Dansere (S01, S02, various episodes)
  • I Kveld Med Ylvis (S01, various episodes)
  • A Little Showreel

    These pictures are from 2012, as much of the material from 2013-2014 either hasn't aired yet or is deemed classified by the Police Secret Services.
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